Studio XP

Our school was created in 2016 by industry alumni (Ubisoft, EA…) who believe that the recent evolution of technology now allows people of any age to create games. This is a unique opportunity to be initiated in a fun way into diverse hi-tech and creative jobs (programmer, graphic artist, designer, etc.) and it provides a natural and positive teamwork experience.


A team of passionate professionals


Cyril is the cofounder of Studio XP. He was formerly the Director of Strategic Marketing in Paris Ubisoft head office as well as director of the studio and video-game training centre at Ubisoft Casablanca.



David is a Studio XP cofounder. He created Isart Digital Montréal—a video game and film animation school—after working as a producer and Studio Director at Ubisoft.



Simon is the Head of Studies at Studio XP as well as the founder of the independent studio Grave Game. Before joining Studio XP, Simon has been lead game designer in Ubisoft Montreal (Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Rainbow Six…) and Head of the Game Design Program of Isart Digital Montreal.



Sébastien is a lead teacher at Studio XP, in charge of the Unity courses, as well as an independent game developer. After working at Electronic Arts, he contributed to a number of independent projects in Montréal including Lead VR Programmer at Lucky Hammer.



Keven is a lead teacher at Studio XP, in charge of the programming courses (Minecraft and C++), as well as an independent game developer. Keven is a graduate of Polytechnique Montreal in software development. Prior to joing Studio XP, Keven worked at Square Enix Montreal.

Lucie is in charge of development and relationships with schools for Studio XP. She has over 11 years’ experience in the education field, most notably as Communications and Admissions Director at Collège Charles-Lemoyne, Quebec’s largest private college. She is the founder of Lucie Côté, Service-conseil.